Section and independent committee chairs

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With this form, you can apply for the position of the chair in AYY’s sections and committees. You can apply for all the positions you want at once. Please remember to mention your number one priority in the first open field.

Sections are the lively beating heart of the Aalto community activities. The ideas of the sections enrich the student culture and bring colour to the campus. To serve as the chair of a section, you will need enthusiasm and motivation, a work-oriented approach and a willingness to lead a group of volunteers for a year. The workload of the chair is a few hours a week. In connection with events and projects, more workhours may be required.

Committees complete AYY’s field of operations. Some committees receive their chairs directly from sections and members from associations through a certain area of responsibility (such as communication officers). Some committees separately recruit their chair and/or members. With this form, you can apply for the position of the chair in committees which do not have the chair automatically. Depending on their own activity, the duties of the committee chair require a few hours a month.


Interviews for section and committee chairs will be held from 2-7 December, so please make time for them.

Those elected as section chairs will also attend the interviews for section candidates on 10-20 December.

If you have any questions about the interviews, please contact TG @ayysaikku 

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