Visits to the Museum of Student Life

The Museum of Student Life is the best (and the only) museum in Finland that exclusively presents student life and culture. The museum, which operates within Aalto University Student Union and is maintained by volunteers, is located in Otaniemi, in the basement of Jämeräntaival 3A.

During the Summer, the museum is closed. We reopen for the autumn on Espoo day Sat 26th August, and regular opening hours every Sunday from 2pm to 4pm will resume during the autumn term of the university.

In addition to the regular opening hours, the volunteer guides of the Museum of Student Life arrange museum tours by appointment and the museum can also be booked for events. Please use the form below to inquire about tours or facility reservations. Please note the following practices:

  • A submitted contact form is not a tour or facility booking, but all reservations will be confirmed separately. Inquiries sent through the form will be processed within a few workdays.
  • All of our guides and event hosts are volunteers. Please send your inquiry at least two weeks before the desired time of the tour or event, so that we can make sure that the time is suitable for our volunteers.
  • Customised tours are events with no programme other than a tour organised by the museum. The tours take about an hour/hour and a half and we recommend a maximum number of 15 participants. The tours can focus on a certain theme, please tell us about your wishes on the form! (Fuksi- and International captains, please contact the Museum Section to schedule fuksi tours.)
  • One of the most important duties of the museum is to guarantee the safety of exhibits, so only events that are suitable and safe in terms of exhibits are allowed. Typical events at the museum include publishing events or cocktail parties, for example. Please keep the following terms and conditions in mind already when planning an event and writing a description of the event on the form, and ask for more information and flexibility on the form if necessary:
    • Volunteer hosts of the museum are always present throughout the event, both to advise and assist in the use of the premises and to ensure the safety of the exhibits. However, the event booker is responsible for the condition and safety of the exhibits during the event. The museum host’s word is law, and the host can interrupt the event if the safety of the exhibition collection is jeopardised.
    • On principle, catering is not allowed on the museum premises, except for dry sparkling wine for cocktail parties and similar events. The museum has champagne glasses for 50 people.
    • The maximum technical capacity of the museum premises is 100 people, from which the maximum number of people according to current restrictions is calculated. In order for guests to be comfortable and have enough space, we recommend a maximum number of 75 people. The museum premises are not wheelchair accessible.
    • The premises must be left in the same condition as they were at the beginning of the booking. The museum has the necessary cleaning equipment. With cleaning as well, the museum host is your best advisor and the highest authority.
    • On principle, museum premises are offered for events for a maximum of a few hours, i.e., one evening at a time. If your event concept requires a longer period or unusual times, please tell us more on the form! Please remember that our volunteers have other things to do than be on duty at the museum throughout the night.

The use of museum premises is charged according to the price list below. The fees will be used in full for the recreation of museum volunteers and development of the museum exhibition and premises. Payment terms can be agreed case-by-case. However, payments are generally billed according to the actual usage time after the event. If the museum host thinks that the museum premises are in an unreasonably poor condition after the booking as a result of the booker’s actions, an additional cleaning fee of up to €100 will be charged. It is therefore advisable to reserve an additional half an hour/hour for cleaning and make sure that you have enough people to do the cleaning.

Customised tours, inquiries from within the Aalto community: free of charge
Museum premises for events, inquiries from within the Aalto community:20€ per hour, up to 5 hours.
Customised tours, booker outsidethe Aalto community:contact us via the form
Museum premises for events, booker outsidethe Aalto community:contact us via the form