Rental affairs

With this form, you can contact the financial administration if you have any concerns about the rent. Choose the reason of contact below.

  • Postponement of the due date: If you want to postpone the due date of your rent payment permanently, you can request a postponement via this form. Please remember to justify your request and suggest a suitable payment date. However, if you are able to pay the rent before the 15th of the month, you do not need to contact us separately or request a postponement of the due date. Payments made before the 15th of the month will not cause any additional charges for you.
  • Overpayment: If you accidentally pay too much rent, you can request a refund of the overpaid rent using a rent payment form or let us know that you will make an advance payment for the next month’s rent. If you want a refund, please send your account number by a separate email or deliver it in person to AYY’s services office. AYY does not accept account numbers submitted via a form or verbally. We recommend the use of secure email for all communications involving personal information.
  • Problems with rent payment: If you have difficulties with paying the rent and want to make a payment agreement, please contact us using this form. If the third unpaid rent falls due, the rental debt will be automatically collected.
  • Changes to invoicing: You can request a change in your invoicing if, for example, you live with your friend in a family apartment and you want a joint invoice instead of separate invoices. You can also change your joint invoice to separate invoices.