With this form, you can contact the financial administration if you have any concerns about the deposit. Choose the reason of contact below.

  • Refund of deposit: The deposit will be automatically refunded to the account you have provided no later than the 20th of the month provided that all rental obligations have been met, final cleaning has been done appropriately and no damage has been caused to the apartment beyond normal wear and tear. If you have not received your deposit by the 20th of the month you can request the deposit via this form.

    If possible, please submit your account number at Domo. If necessary, you can also send your account number by email (taloushallinto(at) for the deposit refund or bring it in person to the services office. If you have access to secure email, we recommend you use it to submit your information. We do not accept account numbers submitted via a form or verbally.
  • Transfer of deposit to another AYY apartment: If you move from one AYY apartment to another, you can apply for a transfer of the deposit. In this case, the deposit will apply to your new lease. It is possible to transfer the deposit between your old and new apartment in almost all of AYY’s apartments. By sending a message via this form, you can check if a deposit transfer is possible and request the transfer.