Reservation request

AYY rents sauna, sitsi, party and meeting facilities for one day at a time. You can find more information about the facilities here.

Reservation of facilities can be made via TILA-system by using your own Aalto username and password. In case you don’t have an Aalto account, you can make a request for a reservation. Your reservation is not confirmed until you get a confirmation from AYY.

Rental terms

The person in charge

The reservation must have a person in charge, who is present and reachable by phone during the whole time of the reservation. Duties of the person in charge are

  • to approve the rental agreement for facilities and receives the key.
  • when arriving in the facilities, to fill in the checklist at
  • to makes sure that facilities are used in accordance with law and good manners, as well as the general terms and conditions for AYY’s rental facilities.
  • to ensures that there are no unauthorised persons in the facilities.
  • to use common sense and informs AYY, police or fire brigade immediately about any detected failures or defects.
  • to returns the key to AYY Otaniemi Service Point by 12noon on the next working day and reports about any failures or defects. The report is required for granting the discharge from liability.

Other user instructions 

The usage regulations for AYY’s rental facilities should always be followed. Any breach in the user instructions and/or rental terms will result in sanction payment. In addition

  • Night time use (between 23-10) of the facility is strictly forbidden without a permission from AYY.
  • Smoking indoors is prohibited.
  • Oral instructions given by AYY’s representative must be strictly observed. The renter pays for unnecessary maintenance service orders.


  • If general terms and conditions for AYY’s rental facilities or these instructions are violated, the renter will have to pay compensation.
  • Items lost or damaged must be compensated according their purchase and possible assembly price. Grave breach of the general terms and conditions and / or rental terms may result in partial or full ban of AYY’s facility usage.
  • The compensation amount is determined by AYY’s facility sector in accordance with sanction amounts provided in the regulations.

The facility you’ve rented is the property of all AYY members. Treat the facility and its items carefully and with dignity.

The rental agreement is made after approving these terms and conditions with this form and receiving the key.