Application to wear Teekkari cap

This form is used to apply for permission to wear Teekkari cap between October 1st and April 30th.

AYY Board has approved a permanent decision from Teekkari Section’s proposal, according to which people with the right to wear Teekkari cap have a permanent permission to wear Teekkari cap in the following situations and events:

1. Members of the Aalto University Student Union’s (AYY) board when they are representing the student union.
2. Members of the Teekkari Section when they are representing Teekkari Section.
3. Members of the music associations Polytech Orchestra, Polytech Choir and Dominante-choir during their performances.
4. People promoting Aalto University and Aalto University Student Union (AYY) in promoting events.
5. For heralds and flag-bearers in annual balls and other similar events.
6. Presenters of Polyteekkari Museum during presenting events.
7. People marketing the Wappu magazines Julkku and Äpy, and people actively selling the magazines.
8. People marketing Otaniemi’s jäynä competition.
9. People marketing Radiodiodi.
10. During Finland’s Independence Day the people participating in Students’ Independence Day procession.
11. The person holding the title of Ikiteekkari while doing his duties.
12. Presenters and drivers of AYY’s Marmon car during events involving the car.
13. People receiving diplomas at public graduation ceremonies.

Teekkari cap is a summer cap. People with the right to wear the cap can wear it without separate permission from the 1st of May to 30th of September.

You don’t need to apply for permission to use Teekkari cap for events and situations listed above.

On applying for permission to wear Teekkari cap:
Teekkari cap should be used only in situations worthy of its use during wintertime. This means that permission to use Teekkari cap will usually not be granted to situations such as sitsit, informal events, or traveling. When asking for permission to use Teekkari cap, one should describe why one would like to wear Teekkari cap during the event, and what additional value would wearing Teekkari cap create for the event.

Please remember to ask for permission to wear Teekkari cap as early as possible, since Teekkari Section processes the applications only once a week. Teekkari Section may also need to ask the applicant for additional information if the intended use of Teekkari cap is not clear, which may cause additional delays.

In urgent matters, please contact the Chair of Teekkari Section directly.
Ida Parkkinen,, p. 0400 984545, telegram @teekkarijaosto

Application to wear Teekkari cap

  • Please justify what additional value wearing Teekkari cap brings to the event, and why we should make an exception for this event to use Teekkari cap.

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