Transferring domai name to AYY's upkeep

You can use this form to transfer your current .fi domain to AYY's upkeep. This service is only available for registered associations in AYY's association registry. Ownership of the domain name does not change.
  • Name in the PRH association register
  • You may search for association's registration number here
  • e.g.
  • If you do not know the authorization key for the domain, you can order it from Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority web page,
  • Name or post which can be contacted in domain related business.
  • Email-address which is used for communications about domain (e.g. renewing the validity period of domain).
  • Contact phone number
  • I confirm that I represent above-mentioned association and that association owns the above-mentioned domain. I accept that above-mentioned domain is transferred to AYY's upkeep. Ownership of the domain does not change.