So, who’s future is it, anyway?

English language election panel on the environment 

Can you vote if you are not originally from around here? The good news is, if you’ve been here for two years, most likely, YES! Don’t believe us, though. See for yourself: 

The environment – and especially climate change – is an issue that will disproportionately affect young people. It is not something that should be left in the hands of – to put it bluntly – people who will die before the world has heated up another 2-3 degrees. But what of other environmental issues? Who is going to live in the houses that the city of Espoo builds? Who is going to enjoy the parks the longest? That is why it is important that new and young voters use their voice in the upcoming elections! 

Remember, check your eligibility to vote here: … and even if you cannot vote, perhaps you can influence a friend who is sitting on the fence about it to use their vote and make a difference! Read more about your right to vote on our blog

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