Nominate community builders!

There’s a number of different groups in this community who work together to make it a better place for us all. Who do you think deserves recognition? Use this form to nominate organizations, committees, clubs or other groups within the Aalto community, that you think should be recognized for the work they’ve done in 2019 among the named categories. Reason for the nomination can be for example a well executed event, or some broader concept with which the organization has promoted the said cause.

Please indicate clearly which group you’d like to nominate, and give a brief explanation why. You may give as many nominations as you like, but only one per category.


Löydät lomakkeen suomeksi täältä


  • Promoting student wellbeing

  • Welcoming new students

  • Integrating international students

  • Bringing students from different study fields together

  • Something else? Please elaborate!

  • Contact information

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